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  • HanseGrand: natural, waterbound and havy-duty paths, places, bike-, residential- and multifunctional roads for urban and rural areas – barrier-free for human and animal
  • Climate construction material Expanded Clay: for interior and exterior greening, as raod-gretting, as foundation, for lightweight concrete and fill
  • High quality quartz sand as bird grit, for drinking water purification, as grit and for lawns
  • BioSi® basal rock dust for organic farming, bedding, composting and slurry
  • BioSi® substrate for tree planting and upper vegetal layer - roof greening
  • Decorative chippings , sand and gravel for treetrunks, roof greening and mineral mulch layers
  • High quality stainless steel fence gabion and Stonefix stabilizing systems for chippings
  • Durable and joint-friendly rubberplates for equestrian sports and animal husbandry